Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sydney: Muslim Worshipper Attacked Outside Mosque

Sydney: Muslim Worshipper Attacked Outside Mosque

Faruque Ahmed

On Friday, November 20, 2009 after the midday prayer, people were coming out from Zetland Mosque in Sydney, Australia. Then two men with their bull bar fitted utility arrived at the scene. They went on to insult worshipers with obscene language and they also vandalised parked cars nearby. It was also reported that the attackers spat on worshippers.

Then these attackers carried out a physical attack. They punched and kicked one person, and dragged his unconscious body for about 50 meters. Then the attackers placed the unconscious victim on the road and ran him over with their utility. The victim is now in a coma at the St. Vincent Hospital, Darlinghurst. Horrified witnesses immediately rang the ambulance and notified 000 operators. Finally, a fire truck appeared before the ambulance; the ambulance arrived after half an hour. Police also attended the scene.

However, initially the police priority was to disperse the crowd. They were aggressive with the worshippers present and one police officer pushed a witness of the attack against the wall.

Since the incident was first publicised in an on line blog and following my reports to the Newtown and Redfern Police Stations, one witness has been asked to attend Redfern Police Station to make a statement.

Australian media outlets have thus far been silent about this incident. Inquiry was made to several media outlets regarding this matter and their response was, "it is an old story and we are not interested". When the question was put to them, "are you familiar with the story"? these responses were negative too. A witness reported the matter to police and followed the alleged offenders and their vehicle from Zetland to Surry Hills. NSW Police apprehended them on the spot and according to police they are being questioned.


The events reported above have been confirmed to Crescent Times by contact with the writer and by review of the witness statements provided to Redfern Police Station in regard to this matter. The matter remains under police investigation as a case of grievous bodily harm.

Source: Crescent Times

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