Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Redfern Mosque Attack

Redfern Mosque Attack

On an early morning of 19/12/2009 a Muslim worshipers was brutally attacked out side Redfern Mosque (Cnr Goodlet and Walker Street, Redfern, NSW). In this instance, two offenders appeared with a red colored BMW and they severely bashed the victim for no known reason and then these offenders fled the scene. Some passerby noticed the severely injured and senseless victim at the gutter and they called the police and ambulance respectively. The police cordoned off the scene and since then no one was charged for this crime!

Since 9/11, vandalism and attacks against Muslims went up in Australia including around the Redfern Mosque. Good residents of the area have been asking the authorities to install security cameras to arrest the crime spree without any success.

Surprisingly, similar to Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque the police failed to ask for public assistance through radio, television and newspaper! It is paramount that the wheel of justice is very slow for Muslims and someone is “managing” the media.

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