Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beyond Sydney Mosque Attack

Beyond Sydney Mosque Attack

Due to determination and dedication of a few good community activists as well as publication of Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque at the Crescent Times, the shameful and tragic issue landed at the desk of the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. The Commissioner has ordered an internal police investigation regarding this matter and as a result a Superintend Luke Freudenstein contacted Faruque Ahmed today.

Faruque Ahmed and the good Superintendent had a pleasant discussion about this issue and he asked Faruque Ahmed whether he wish to stop the internal police inquiry? Faruque Ahmed relied, “No, for the sake of accountability and transparency, this inquiry must go ahead”. Mr. Freudenstein also said, “my initial inquiry failed to find any racial or religious reason behind this attack! Faruque Ahmed replied, “I have spoken to more than 20 witnesses and evidence I have support my original report. By the way, how many witnesses do you have or spoken to?” The polite officer was unable to provide any number! However, he kindly volunteered his own mobile number (0401 701 042) and asked people with information regarding this shameful and tragic incident to contact him freely.

The mater is listed for hearing on 4th of February 2010 and the poor victim is at Ryde Rehabilitation Centre with multiple fractures and dreadful injuries.

The Crescent Times Published Two Reports Above.

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